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Music Budget Analysis

Music budgets vary depending on the project’s music needs in a multitude of ways. R&R is here to take that burden off the client as we have a good grasp of what individual songs, original music creation, on-camera needs, composer hiring and more will encompass in terms of overall cost.

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Script Spotting / Sourcing Music

R&R breaks down the script for high-level music placements followed by sourcing songs that fit the project's vision. This typically begins with a playlist of inspiration which dwindles down or expands into the show’s final song uses.

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Composer Selection & Hiring

R&R works closely with a varied group of composers to ensure a match for any project’s music needs. R&R can act as a middle-man between the project decision-makers and the composer to keep a good line of communication and overall vision at the forefront.

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Music Clearance & Licensing

R&R has close relationships with industry-leading labels, publishers and music libraries to ensure proper licensing of music (including union costs). Arguably the most important part of the music supervision process is the knowledge and network of rights holders to efficiently and accurately license music for the project

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Song Creation / On Camera Needs

R&R works with project decision-makers in finding the perfect artist to bring the project's music vision to life. We have the capability to assist in guiding the artist in the creation process, booking in-studio recording time, oversight of on-camera scenes, negotiating rights, and assistance with licensing the final product for on-screen use.

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Music Cue Sheets

One of the final steps in the music supervision process is the submission of cue sheets. R&R is extremely diligent about accuracy and timely submission of cue sheets, as these forms track & verify payment to the hard-working artists whose work was featured in the project.

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