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Music Supervision

The Good Life native Olivia Taphorn is the founder of the music supervision company Rhythm & Roads. Olivia’s passion for music in film led her to leave her job in Finance and head back to school at Berklee College of Music to pursue a career in Music Supervision. Right out of the gate, Olivia started working on a military documentary, an animated TV pilot, and advertisements all while working remotely during the pandemic.

Prior to founding R&R, Olivia worked for Diamondisc Audio, a music publisher in Nashville, where she honed her skills in music curation and sync. Following that experience, she opened R&R’s doors and is now an independent music supervisor for US and International Film, TV and Advertising. R&R is aligned with top music libraries, publishers and labels all around the world to meet any project’s music needs. R&R is ready to hit the ground running for projects looking to work with a young, creative, motivated, fresh-eyed and knowledgeable female Music Supervisor.

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Olivia Taphorn

Founder & Music Supervisor